DEVEN GREEN is the L.A.-based
award-winning comedy
and musical performer
originally from Canada. 
You know her from the "Welcome To My Home" and "Welcome To My White House" parodies, as a photographic fashionista, RuPaul's Drag Race judge, calling BINGO, Goliath Magazine's advice columnist and performing her live music shows as a comedic chanteuse in brothels across America with the top drag queens of the world. 

Awards / Acknowledgements 

Top 20 Funniest Videos - NY Entertainment. 
"Best YouTube" "Funniest Person" "The Right Side of Herstory" "Outstanding Twitter"  - World of Wonder Winner

Voted Top 3 "Fabulous Cabaret Performer" - GayCities

"Best Personality" Nominee - West Hollywood

"Best Fashion Nominee" and "Best Twitter" Winner -
Special invited guest and panelist and performer - RuPaul's Dragcon

Digital DragFest Performers - PEG Entertainment/StageIT

Pride Performer / MC / Host - U.S.

Top 95 Drag Queen & Queer Visionaries - Out Magazine

Top 50 Looks at Dragcon - Vogue Online
1st female to ever perform at an all gay male nudist colony - Poconos

"Improv Performer of the Decade" - LAC

American Humanist Arts Award presented in Las Vegas - American Humanist Association 

 "Best Drag Show in Los Angeles" (Drag Queen/Legendary Bingo) - Blade Magazine

"Best Show" Nominee - Digital Drag Fest

Comedy Parodies

VERSUS - The Gameshow by Deven Green & Ned Douglas


Chris - Lianne - Carrots.png

"Campy Fun"

On - Enrique.png

"Everything We Want for the Holidays"

Varla - Matt - Turkey.png

"Laughed So Much"

Cole - Ryan - Bunny.png

Comedy Parodies

"Deven Green is SHE-larious!" - RuPaul
(Season 5 Comedy Judge RPDR)

RuPaul's Drag Race and DragCon

LA Weekly dragcon 2019 panel comedy ment
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Instinct Magazine rupauls dragcon 2019
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Deven Green Rupaul dragcon 2019
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Deven green Rupaul's Dragcon Panel
Deven Green RuPauls Dragcon 2018
Deven Green RuPauls Dragcon 2018
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Deven Green RuPaul's Dragcon
Deven Green RuPaul's Dragcon
Deven Green RuPaul's Dragcon
Deven Green RuPaul's Dragcon.
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Deven Green RuPaul's Dragcon.
Deven Green RuPaul's Dragcon.
Deven Green Jinkx Monsoon RuPaul's
Deven Green RuPaul's Dragcon Panel
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Deven Green Jinkx Monsoon Dragcon
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Deven Green Ridge Gallagher Dragcon.
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Deven Green Willam Calpernia Dragcon
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Deven Green RuPaul's Dragcon Panel.
Deven Green RuPaul's Drag Race Judge
RuPaul's Drag Race Panel Deven Green
Deven Green RuPaul's Drag Race Final
Deven Green RuPaul's Drag Race Final
Deven Green RuPaul's Drag Race
rupaul retweet of goliath atlanta

Tails of the City: PETS 4 PETS on World of Wonder PLUS!

Creators/Hosts: Deven Green & Kasha Davis

Equality, Pride, Charity

Deven is nothing short of judgmental especially being a celeb judge for the following charity events: The San Francisco Divas of Drag Ball, The NY High Society Drag Competition and Werrrk's Drag Competition.  More importantly, she has been an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, The Trevor Project, The NO H8 campaign, APLA Health, IDENTITY, HIV Equal, Aids Ride, BBC Pride World Radio with Lady Portia, Southern California's G&L Centre, San Diego HIV Funding Collaborative (in partnership with Mo's Universe, San Diego), LGBT Youth Centre - San Diego, San Gabriel Valley LGBT Center, Desert AIDS Project  - Palm Springs, NorCalAIDSCycle, True Colors Fund (LGBTQ homeless youth fund), Seattle Children's Hospital Dungeons & Dragons Live,, Tom of Finland House Foundation auctioneer, Gay and Lesbian Centre Los Angeles, presenter at the Str8Up Gay Porn Awards, Southern Queer Alliance, Global Charity Concern benefitting NSPCC & Childline (UK), Digital Drag Fest with proceeds to GLAAD, Digital Pride Fest (during Covid), Winterfest benefitting Transgender Law Centre, Project Q Southern Queer Artist Telethon, headlining Pride festivals (Austin, Atlanta, Green Bay, Portland, Seattle, Anchorage and more) across the U.S., being an officiant for same-sex marriages and speaking to gay alliances at colleges/universities across the US.

Deven Green Austin Pride
Digital Pride Fest 2020 Deven Ned Magazi
str8up gay porn 2020 boomer
DEVEN & NED to april 30th
Pride Deven Green
Varla Jean Merman DeWitte Loe
dandd seattle childrens hospital
Desert Aids judge
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Deven Green Alaska pride Advocate
world pride radio irland marcus hunter
Deven Green Austin Pride
Deven Green Portland Pride
Deven Green Portland Pride
Deven Green Seattle Pride
Deven Green Atlanta Pride
Atlanta Pride Deven Green
Deven Green Green Bay Pride
project q southern queer telephone orvil
Deven Green Milwaukee Pride
Varla Jean Merman Deven Green
Deven Green High Society Charity
Deven Green Divas of Drag
Deven Green Pasadena College
Deven green magnus hastings
Deven Green Noh8
Deven Green HIV Equal
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Deven Green
deven ned mismatch game renberg theatre.
Deven Green Armed Forces Tour

Legendary Bingo Caller

Deven Green Legendary Bingo
Deven Green Online bingo
Deven Green Bingo
Americana at Brand Deven Green
Deven Green Americana at Brand
americana aug 2016 (2)_edited
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Bingoboy best drag show blade 2017
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Americana at Brand Deven Green
Americana at Brand Deven Green
Deven Green Bingo Americana at Brand
roxy joel deven willam calpernia enginue
Jonathan Lethal Weapon Fox Lot Deven
Deven Green Jonathan Fernandez bingo fox oct 2017
Fox gives bingo oct 2017
Americana at Brand Deven Green
Tim Sims Clea Duvall veep bingo hamburger marys
bingo 20 years group photo
Deven Green bear americana at brand
Deven Green Erin Mills BINGO
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Deven Green Roxy Wood Bingo
Deven Green Roxy Wood Bingo
Deven Green Bingo
Deven Green Roxy Wood Bingo
Deven Green Roxy Wood Bingo
Deven Green Roxy Wood Bingo
Deven Green Roxy Wood Bingo
Deven Green Roxy Wood Bingo
Deven Green Bingo
Deven Green Bingo
Deven Green Roxy Wood Bingo
Deven Green Roxy Wood Bingo
Americana at Brand Deven Green
Americana at Brand Deven Green
Deven Green Bingo Hamburger
Deven Green Bingoboy Bingo
Deven Green Calpernia Roxy Wood
Drag Queen Bingo Deven Roxy Bingoboy
Americana at Brand Deven Green
Deven Green Americana at Brand bingo
Deven Green Fox Lot
Deven Green Bingo Franz Szony
Deven Green Bingo Trevor Wayne
Drew Droege Deven green Bingo
Deven Green Heidi Hamilton Bingo
Deven Green Roxy Wood Bingo
Deven Green Bingo
Deven Green Bingoboy Fox Studio
Deven Green Fox Studios. Bi
Americana at Brand Deven Green
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Deven Green Press and Print

WOWIES winner herstory resistor 2019 a
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BBC Marcus Neil Hunter Aug 2019
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Gambit New Orleans Nov 2017
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Provincetown Magazine with Deven Gre
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Ring My Bell with Deven Green
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New York Times Rufus Wainwright
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Golden Girlz Live
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Save The Gay Bar - Jackie Beat video
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Deven Green BONKERZ
Deven Green BONKERZ
Deven Green BONKERZ
Deven Green BONKERZ
Deven Green BONKERZ
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Deven Green BONKERZ
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Deven Green BONKERZ
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Golden Girls Live! Deven Green
Deven Green Golden Girlz Live
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Jackie Beat Shows 


Deven's voice is instantly mockable in the WELCOME TO MY HOME series but did you know that... Deven plays voice several characters in The Addams Family. You have heard Deven's voice in films such as "First Period," "H+," "Electric City," "Sausage Race Announcer in Dreams," "Music Within," "Knight to F4," "Her Minor Thing," and "Just Friends." You have heard her dulcet tones on commercials like Disney's "Aladdin," "Beauty and the Beast," "The Little Mermaid," Finlandia University, "Marilyn: Behind the Icon", "Never Sleep Alone" and Ford Trucks. If you are a game player know Deven as a sexy robot in "Resident Evil."  Deven also voiced "Vogue’s Book of Etiquette and Good Manners," because she was perfect for it.  You've also heard Deven's characters on "The Howard Stern Show" and "The Mancow Show."  

FACT: Deven was the first Moviefone voice in Canada for Cineplex Odeon Theatres. 

Deven as Mrs. Gravely in THE ADDAMS FAMILY



Deven has written awards-ceremony speeches for Marlee Matlin, Donny Osmond, Sharon Osbourne, Garth Brooks, Arnold Palmer, Larry King, Norm Crosby, Billy Jean King and Leslie Neilson. The "Milkmen and Money Makers" book by pop-artist Trevor Wayne was captioned by none other than Deven Green. Deven wrote the Prince Poppycock musical show.


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Deven Green Portrait
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Deven Green by David Marvel (oils)
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Deven Green by Glen Hanson
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Christopher Grant draws Deven Green
Christopher Grant draws Deven Green
Christopher Grant draws Deven Green
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