VERSUS - The Gameshow 
Created and Hosted by Deven Green & Ned Douglas

Well hello and welcome to VERSUS an absurdist game show with friends. Equal amounts of instincts and luck will override smarts.  Win donut points, win Versus. Versus is shot online with original music by Ned & Deven.

Neds Head 2.png

Season 2 Friends

Daniel Franzese VERSUS Drew Droege

Daniel Franzese Drew Droege 2.jpg

Lina Bradford VERSUS Jake Shears

Lina Bradford Jake Shears 1.jpg

Marc Anthony Samuel VERSUS Sam Pancake

Marc Anthony Samuel Sam Pancake 2.jpg

Jake DuPree VERSUS Jackie Cox

Jake DuPree Jackie Cox.jpg

Kim Chi VERSUS Detox

Kim Chi Detox 2.jpg

Selene Luna VERSUS Chester Lockhart

Selene Luna Chester Lockhart 1.jpg

Season 1 Friends

On Mekahel VERSUS Enrique Sapene

On - Enrique.png

Ryan Mitchell VERSUS Cole Jenkins

Cole - Ryan - Bunny.png

Lianna Carrera VERSUS Chris Jacob

Chris - Lianne - Carrots.png

Varla Jean Merman VERSUS Matt Baume

Varla - Matt - Turkey.png


Answers for Season 2! All you had to do was look here :)