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Award-winning comedic chanteuse. You know Deven from the quotable "Welcome To My Home" and retro voice-over parody videos, officiating weddings, bingo balling, portraying Betty Bowers, as a judge on Drag Race, creative duo with Handsome Ned & performing with the best Queens in the world with her electric ukulele and inimitable smile.

Fun, Funny, Charming


Deven officiates/hosts/judges drag events, bingo, beauty contests, bulge, fashion, game shows, marriages and funerals.

deven revry VERSUS GAMESHOW_edited.jpg

Retro, Unique, Talented


Headlining musical duo who are human jukeboxes. You never know what they will play or say next! "Amazing" - Nancy Sinatra

Deven Ned Oasis San Fran.jpg

Original, Inscrutable, Hilarious


A 4-time World of Wonder comedy winner of the most quotable parody videos & Top 10 Funniest NYT.

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Millions of followers


Humanist Award Winner.  Portrayed by Deven Green, written by Andrew Bradley. Glory indeed!


Magazines, Commercials


Deven's cheekbones have graced major cosmetic & clothing brands, as well modeling in magazines & on the cat walk. 


Never safe for work


Enjoy hours of unadulterated entertainment. You can quote me on that or I can underline you.

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Books, Greeting Cards, Magnets 


You will buy our books, cards, stickers, or magnets a gift but will keep our ridiculously funny items for yourself. Kudos you.

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Modest? No.


Awards, periodicals and highlights. Deven will show up to the opening of an envelope.

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