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Deven Green - Judge on RuPaul's Drag Race

Award-winning comedic chanteuse. You know Deven from the quotable "Welcome To My Home" and retro voice-over parody videos with millions of views, officiating weddings, bingo balling, portraying Betty Bowers, judging on RPDR, being half of the creative duo with Handsome Ned &, performing with the best Queens in the world with her electric ukulele and inimitable smile. "SHE-larious" - RuPaul


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Betty Bowers

Betty Bowers

Over 20 million views since 2006.
The satirical "Best Christian." 

Deven Green Devon Green comedian


4 Time World of Wonder Comedy winner

#1 Comedy Bingo Caller 

Deven Green singer


"Amazing" - Nancy Sinatra

"This girl can sing!" - Las Vegas Beat


Bitch Face book deven green ned douglas

Coffee-table books that are gorgeous, glamorous and funny as hell. The library is open. Be a member.

mid century architecture palm springs by Ned Douglas Deven Green

16" x 16" Modernism Masterpieces. Stunning to look all, a joy to possess.

Palm Springs by Deven Green and Ned Douglas


Palm Springs fun for your fridge. Buy them as a gift but keep them for yourself.

Welcome to my home I'm a Saucy Boozehound T-shirt


Classic sayings from the original videos! I underline you and your huge vajeene.

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