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elegantly filthy stickers!

Created by: Deven Green & Ned Douglas


Elegantly Filthy Stickers


Stickers and stamps

Well Hello, and welcome to Elegantly Filthy stamps & stickers!


What Are Elegantly Filthy Stickers?

This is an animated sticker pack to make your messages stupid fun.

Most sayings are suggestive with multiple meanings so you and your friends get to decide the context. Watch the words come to life. 

Bonus: Hold and press stickers so they ‘peel off’ and then drop them over other messages!


Who Made These Stickers?

These were created by the nefarious duo of Deven Green and Ned Douglas for your pleasure. Deven Green is the award-winning comedic chanteuse with an inscrutable vocabulary known from her “Welcome To My Home” parodies and as seen on RuPaul's Drag Race. Ned is a cult-music savant single-handedly fingering the American lexicon. Together, their brain trust will affect your regular conversations for the better.


What Do I Get for less than $1?

Each download of the Elegantly Filthy sticker pack warrants you 44 stickers:

321 Over It, Bang Bang, Basic Bitch, Don't Move...I'm Coming, Dumbs, F.U. F.Y.I., Fire in the Hole, French Exit, Give It Twat,

Home Wrecker, Idiot I Underline You, I'm a Pirate, I'm A Saucy Boozehound, Kaw Kaw, Kissing Party, Love You <infinity>,

Love You Hard, Narcissist, Nice Going Junkie, Occupied/Vacant, O-Ring, Plot Twist, Ponderous, Porn Mouth, Serving Realness, Simply Impossible, Skinny Queen, Snatch Face, Spank/Yank, Spooky Bastard, Stop, Stretch It Out, Tick Tock,  

Tits, Trouser Gravy, Well Hello, You're An Olds, <Green background with a space for the Rainbow Heart>, <Rainbow Heart> and more!

Plus a few stamps that just sit there:

#Fact, F That, WTFF, Kudos You


We are sure you will find a use for them.

How To Download and Use:

Once you have made the decision to download Elegantly Filthy stickers the entire world will open up to you.

1. From the Messages app, choose a conversation then hit the Messages App Store icon (the ‘A’ next to where you enter text).

2. Scroll along the icons of installed messages apps until you see the green mouth icon.

3. Tap it to show your stickers. 

Can't figure it out?

Please look at the pictures and videos we posted above to guide you gently through installation and usage.


Unlike some stickers packs, Elegantly Filthy stickers are fully animated on Android devices. 

Need More?

We like to put out. More sticker packs are on their way!


Sticker Preview
Sticker Two

 Top 10 in the Apple App store!

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