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Joel Bryant was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he got his first acting gig as Officer Rick Foley in "Unsolved Mysteries" and his first stand-up experience at the age of 17 at Laff's Comedy Cafe. After winning Outstanding Actor at the New Mexico Theatre Conference, he left his hometown to pursue acting and comedy in Los Angeles by way of a Pepperdine University on a theatre scholarship. He decided to graduate in three years; however, always enjoying a challenge, he did it magna cum laude with 2 majors (theatre and telecommunications). Joel was recently asked back by his alma mater to teach a Master Class, sharing those duties with Jason Alexander and Daniel Stern, among others.

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Joel Bryant
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 Watch Joel on TV NOW:
"Harry's Law," "The Defenders," "Criminal Intent: Suspect Behavior," "Eleventh Hour, " "E-Ring, " "Las Vegas," "Threshold, " "Sweet Valley High, " "Cut To The Chase, " "Hillers" (now in development, co-starring Henry Winkler).

Watch Joel on FILM NOW:
Check IMDB listing for all credits, but, these are memorable for either winning festival awards or being great experiences! "The Heartbreak Kid, " "Music Within, " "Baby Blues, " "Gone, But Not Forgotten, " "Valkyrie, ""Loaded," "Matrimonium, " "Long-Term Relationship, " "Deadly Impact, " "Ashes.'

Joel Bryant with Blow Up Friends

What you won't find listed on IMDB are Joel's commercials,
but he's been getting in your head for a while.

In fact, if you bought wood at Lowe's, drove there in your
Jeep, used your Mastercard, got home and watched the NFL Channel or Promos for NBC while surfing the web on your Vaio, chugged a Bud Light and then did...well, whatever you would use Sysco Systems for, then chances are thoughts of Joel were in your head.

Joel Bryant

"Suck and Moan" - Web Series
Joel Bryant - Producer / Actor

Listen to the Altered Realities Radio Interview with Joel Bryant here!
Altered Realities
Entire interview here.

Entire interview here.

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SciFi Pulse

Web Awards
Nomination Interview

Joel Bryant Streamy Awards
Honoring the best in web television.

Joel Bryant - Nominated for Best Actor in a Dramatic Web Series at the 1st Annual Streamy Awards (honoring excellence in web entertainment).

*PS. Alas, Joel didn't win. He lost out to Alessandro Guiliani from the "Battlestar Galactica" online series.
To be fair, Alessandro was great in that series. He also played both gay AND disabled.
That's a guaranteed Award-getting one-two punch!

Joel was nominated with Lisa Kudrow, Paul Rudd, Neil Patrick Harris, Eva Longoria-Parker, Rosario Dawson...thankfully not against them.

*Read Joel's article on the state of web series and new media.

 Joel Bryant
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Joel Bryant Interview


Much like comparing the work of a real actor to say a slab of hanging meat or a brick wall or a burnt out light bulb. I thank you Joel and hope to see you in something where you might actually have to work your cute butt, I mean your skills, next time.
Teddy Pig,

[“Anonymity”] is a fun comedy thriller with a great double act from Randy Tobin and Joel Bryant as detectives Stone and Green, who deserve their own series.
Official Review Bradford Film Festival

The scenes between Stone (Randy Tobin) and Green (Joel Bryant), a well meaning but hapless cop who wants to do things right and a slob cop who drips his mayo over the case notes, are funny, well written and well paced. They're just great.
Sheila Seacroft

A real stand-out is Joel Bryant, who moves from character to character giving each a unique and entertaining spin.

L.A. Weekly

The better acting ability and good looks of actor Joel Bryant
as Bradley kept me watching.

Joel Bryant as “Dad,” besides providing a much-needed dose of gravitizing stability, has now earned the title of permanent Kindertrauma pin-up (I had to explain to Aunt John that the title BABY BLUES was a reference to postpartum depression and not JOEL’s eyes.)
from KinderTrauma

Joel Bryant's turn as the best man was clearly the best thing about the movie and here is where it really played. You have to go back and watch it a second time to appreciate his subtle performance in a movie that lends itself to over the top acting.

I had to have a copy of this DVD because this guy has what it takes to really break out of the pack. One day this little tale of a gay reality show will be the clip he uses on the Tonight Show when commenting on where it all began.

The best work [in “Loaded”] was done by Joel Bryant as the sniveling Pepsi…the dialog and delivery was really snappy, very clever and right on time.
Christopher Armstead, Film Critics United

But special mention has to go to Joel Bryant who, as the manipulative Balthazar really does dominate his scenes and drag things along marvellously.

But Joel Bryant brings a heaviness, even a weariness to the role that fits Steven just right.
Paul Miles

The supporting character played by Joel Bryant is by far the most talented of the cast and is a joy to watch. The interesting thing is that he was one of the best things about the film "Gone But Not Forgotten.”

The Randy Disher Project on "Monk" with Joel Bryant was hilariously cheesy.

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