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Award-Winning Comedy Performer
Deven started out as a professional figure skater whose triple-gold medal status is memorialized in her hometown located in the remote, boreal, tundra of Northern Canada. After landing in Toronto she perfected her comedic sensibilities and appeared in commercials, voice overs, TV and movie roles. This bon vivant then moved to Los Angeles where she currently resides and continues to create more comedy, music, and videos with her unmistakeable brand of inscrutable lexicon. Enjoying a plethora of awards, millions of views and a legion of fervent followers, Deven is now considered 'legendary.' She is indeed the nefarious creator/voice of the "Welcome To My Home" parodies, is the satirical "America's Best Christian - Betty Bowers," and, is the spokesmodel for OCCmakeup! You have seen her on RuPaul's Drag Race (as a comedy judge, not a contestant) and performing her convivial eclectic music act across the country!  

"Deven Green's multimedia omnipresence has nothing to do with luck or clever marketing. Like all the great comediennes, she has used her inscrutable talent and creative courage to create singular and eccentric personae that have zapped straight to the funny bones of millions of people around the world. Her enormous and devoted fan base have found their own way to Deven, and they stick with her because she's the real deal. Deven Green doesn't talk or perform like any other comic. Brilliant. A true genius. Hard working, kind hearted and multi talented, Deven seems to be everywhere all at once,
and all of us who know her (personally or as fans) are very grateful for that." Mark Adnum ( Outrate Magazine)

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*Deven is now licensed to officiates weddings*

Golden Girlz Live special guest
RuPaul's Drag Convention - Guest of Honor
Tadashi Shoji Spring Collection for Fashoin Week by Franz Szony
RuPaul's "What's The Tee?" with Michelle Visage - Special Guest
Hollywood Improv Speechless - Celebrity Judge
Spokesmodel Fall/Winter 2014 Collection "Unknown Pleasures" -
Spokesmodel Spring 2014 Collection "Plastic Passion" -
Best YouTube Winner - World of Wonder
Accident perfume - Winner Best Collaboration / Winner Best Perfume Image
Top 3 Musical Comedy - ReverbNation
Top 10 Musical Performers - ReverbNation
RuPaul's Drag Race Celebrity Comedy Judge - Logo TV
Headling "Electric Ukulele Lounge Act" - Las Vegas
Star Magazine's celebrity fashion critic!
Guest musical performer on the Miller Lite Mainstage Headlining Show opening for Salt N' Pepa- Milwaukee
Selected Female Artist for "Soft / Hard" Video Exhibit at The Pacific Design Centre - Los Angeles
Hair Model 1st Place Winner for Hair Wars at The Palms Hotel - Las Vegas
Received Sainthood by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
Most Popular Female Personality Nominee - WeHo Awards
Outrate Magazine Head Judge for "Online Film Festival' - Australia
Most Humorous YouTube Video - San Francisco Film Fest
Comedy Performer of the Decade LAC - Los Angeles
Funniest Online Video - New York Magazine
Rufus Wainwright's Top 10 "Must Have" List - New York Times  


Deven Green performs her versions of songs from the 1920s to today in her very fun, eclectic music show all played on electric uke (including mash-ups, sing-alongs, and requests)
...a human jukebox!
She has headlined across American, Canada, Europe and through the Middle East playing embassies, parlours, lounges and all the brothels in between.

"Charming, funny and original - you never know what she will play next! On top of it all this girl can sing." -Las Vegas Beat 

Listen Here.


Enjoy Deven's live and viral parodies of fashion, face and fragrance.

Memorize, quote and share her completely inscrutable lexicon with your friends.

Need an inappropriate t-shirt with your favourite saying? Good. Click here.


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DAVID MAGAZINE INTERVIEW (on newsstands now)

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BOOTIE SAN FRANCISCO - Headlining Musical Act!


wORLD OF WONDER wowie youtube winner

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accident perfume winner 2013

accident perfume best image winner

Deven is the newest member of Star Magazine's 'Style Squad' reviewing celebrity fashion

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HARLAND WILLIAM'S #1 Podcast with Deven Green





Deven interviewed at the RuPaul's Drag Race Finale!
"Integrity will win. Virginity will be a sore loser." - Deven Green

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ring my bell

Fenuxe Magazine Interview



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World of Wonder

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FAshion Article
Deven Green David Magazine AtlantaDeven Green David Magazine Atlanta

Deven Green David Magazine Atlanta

Deven Green David Magazine Atlanta

Deven Green David Magazine Atlanta

Tennessee Loveless
Frontiers LA

Same Same Interview with Deven Green

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World of Wonder Party Pacific Design Center
 NewNowNext WorldofWonder
You can't shut her up or down.
Deven is a regular guest on the #1 rated GLBT podcast
"Feast of Fun" with Marc and Fausto. From holiday specials to Oscar Award recaps to erotic fan fiction it is obvious that the love between these friends continues long after the interview is over.

You've heard her chat and sing with her dear friend and favorite comic Harland Williams on
"The Harland Highway.

Harland Williams


motorcyle guys

craig and robbie

"Craig & Robbie," "Those Diner & Motorcycle Guys," "The Clyde Brothers," "Gregg & Dina," "Priscilla Leon," "The Derek & Romaine Show," on Sirius Radio in New York, "The Stephanie Miller Show," "Faith Michael's Show," and "The Jay Thomas Show" on XM/Sirius Radio.


Deven has a solid comedy writing background on shows like "Friday Night Fix" to rave-reviewed sketch comedy shows: "Watch Thin Women Eat," "God Not Another Xmas with My Family," "Dick Clarke's Comedy," and "Beat This!"
And, as Star Magazine's Fashion Critic.

Deven has written awards-ceremony speeches for Marlee Matlin, Donny Osmond, Sharon Osbourne, Garth Brooks, Arnold Palmer, Larry King, Norm Crosby, Billy Jean King and Leslie Neilson.

The "Milkmen and Money Makers" book by pop-artist Trevor Wayne was captioned by none other than Deven Green. Trevor Wayne's Art *Adult's Only

In Nelson Aspen's book "Hollywood Insider Exposed" you will read,:"...My talented comedienne friend, Deven Green (a cult-favourite for her brilliantly executed series of videos on YouTube; in fact I'm proud that one in which I guest-starred in a self-parody, debuted at number 63 of all comedy videos; watch out Will Ferrell)"


You've also heard Deven's characters on "The Howard Stern Show" and Chicago's "Mancow Show" in which she enraged callers to spew: "Lady, you are disgusting," "I wish you dead" and,
"I hope you get hit by a bullet." Kudos Deve

From podcasts like "Doctor Floyd's Radio Adventures" to the MySpace animated series, "The Cubes", Deven has also done voices for films such as "First Period," "H+," "Electric City," "Music Within," "Knight to F4," "Her Minor Thing," and "Just Friends." You have heard her dulcimer tones on commercials like Disney's "Aladdin," "Beauty and the Beast," "The Little Mermaid," Finlandia University, Ford Trucks, "Resident Evil" (sexy robot) and Northern Insurance.

Deven voiced deconstructivist artist Toban Nichols' piece, "Vogue’s Book of Etiquette and Good Manners," on view in San Francisco.

Pop singer Ben Roman's new album dropped with Deven inroducing his dance tracks.
Give Me Something Wet (feat. Deven Green)

FACT: Deven was the first Moviefone voice in Canada for Cineplex Odeon Theatres.


You've seen her characters on Harland Williams' "Enter At Your Own Risk" and CBC "Comics!" "Spy TV," Tom Green's "Punched-Up," A & E's "The Incurable Collector," TLC's "Inedible To Incredible," and as the model-turned-airline stewardess on Current TV.

Deven's role in "Back Soon," allowed fans to see Deven in the hilarious role as Trixie the knife welding, lazy-eyed, brothel-trained prostitute. Don't miss her turn as the bizarrely astute host in "Matrimonium" a hotelier in "Phoenix," and psychic in "The Circle."

Aside from being interviewed, Deven has been holding the mic interviewing her favs: Nelson Aspen, Tony winner Robert Morse, and the cast of "Saved By The Bell."

If you saw Deven's numerous roles in "Spy TV" as a psychic, a patient in surgery, and a wife who loses her sanity, then you also saw these clips on Entertainment Tonight under, "Has Reality Gone Too Far?"

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