Deven Green and Joel Bryant are an LA-based, award-winning comedy duo. Married in real life, this talented team also marries improv, sketch, music and the audience into each of their shows.
"You'll love Deven and Joel's extremely clever, absolute talent. 5 Stars. Best Act. [SF Weekly]
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Deven Green (from the Arctic of Canada) and Joel Bryant (from the trailer parks of New Mexico) met in 1998 and knew, because of their intense training and individual uniqueness, that their comedy duo would be successful. Together they won "Best Of The Fest" at the First International Hollywood Comedy Festival and were selected for the Bass Red Ale Comedy Tour. As comedy hosts of "Survival of the Funniest," "Uncle Clyde's Comedy Contest," and as the house comedy duo at Flappers Comedy Club in both Burbank and Claremont, they secured their position as "The Comedy Duo to Watch!" [College Entertainment Journal]

They sold out every performance at the San Francisco Fringe Festival and the Orange County Comedy Festival with their loyal following. Their comedy sketches have regularly been highlighted in reviews from BackStage to LA Weekly to the LA Times. They have performed at The Venetian Hotel, The Palms and The Riviera in Las Vegas, The Chi Chi Club on Catalina Island, The Knitting Factory in Hollywood, local Southern California hot spots like the HaHa Cafe, The Pacific Theatre, The Ice House and The Comedy Store in La Jolla, Noni's in Atlanta, GA, The Box Theatre in Albuquerquer, NM, Muvico Movie Theatre, a slew of venues in San Diego and have opened for such comedy luminaries as Eddie Griffin, Andrew 'Dice' Clay, Paul Rodriguez , the comedians of Mad TV and Chelsea Lately. They performed at the Canada Comedy Night hosted by Will Sasso, a Maximum Security Prison (ask them about it!) and headlined at New Pride Wisconsin.
Most recently, they have been regular headliners at the all-new Flappers Comedy Clubs in both Burbank and Claremont!
Complete show list of: COLLEGES * CLUBS * CORPORATE (Private celebrity shows cannot be listed)

Bryant has an exhaustive IMDB credit list and is recognizable from films like "The Heartbreak Kid" to TV shows like "Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior," "Monk," and "The Defenders." Deven Green is a ceWEBrity from the cult following of her "Welcome To My Home" comedy parodies and the satirical "Betty Bowers - America's Best Christian" with over 9 MILLION hits.

Together, this real-life married couple will make you "soil yourself with laughter."

Deven & Joel were honored to perform for the troops in the Middle East and Europe.

"We have been on the front line for two years and for the first time we had tears in our eyes from laughter - THANK YOU so much and come back soon."

Comedy Duo - Live Show
Comedy Duo Demo
Comedy Duo - TV
Comedy Duo learns to cook on TLC (Premiere Episode) Comedy Duo on the red carpet - Streamy Awards
Eat, Taste, Live

Hollywood Improv "Speechless" - Celebrity Judges

speechless hollywood improv

Regular Guests on "Feast of Fun"
Special Guests on "The Baub Show"
 The Baub Show

3 ukulele songs, 2 hours of laughter, 1 great show. Listen now!
The Baub Show Player

"The Harland Highway" Interview! - Harland Williams' Podcast

Harland Williams 

Craig Shoemaker 'Comedy Idol' Radio Interview

Craig Shoemaker
Deven & Joel interviewed by the love-master himself Craig Shoemaker. It is the only recording of both Deven & Joel doing their 'stand-up' acts on the radio...or anywhere!

Arcadian Trails
Voices: Deven Green & Joel Bryant
Voices: Deven Green & Joel Bryant
Click here to listen to the
Hello Pauly Radio Show with Deven and Joel

Dign2It Magazine
Read entire interview here!



Marathon Man

Flappers Comedy Club Claremont
ACTOR'S ACCESS - Bonnie Gillespie
Actor's Access - Bonnie Gillespie

Wisconsin Gazette

Live in Green Bay

Drag Queen Bingo NO H8 Campaign

They have called bingo along-side the fabulous hostess/drag queen "Bridgette of Madison County," director Kevin Smith and many more.
They've even been auctioned off as prizes with all proceeds going to charity!

Drag Queen Bingo

Deven & Joel proudly support the NoH8 Campaign to give same-sex couples the right to marry.  They have also performed at AIDS Project Los Angeles fund-raisers, New Pride events and much more for, by and with the GLBT community.
Deven No H8Joel No H8
Peace Ambassadors for Uzbekistan NO H8

Deven & Joel were chosen by the Uzbekistan Peace Museum's panel to contribute an important message about peace!

Our qualifications were: "...people worldwide who have contributed significantly to the creation of the better world on this earth of ours." We were an obvious choice.

We are now Peace Ambassadors in the Museum alongside:

Sir Edmund Hilary, Ravi Shankar, Ted Kennedy, Maya Angelou, Phil Collins, Judith Light, Vidal Sassoon, Betty Williams (Nobel Peace Laureate), Joseph S. Blatter (President, FIFA), Crystal Gayle, Klaus Schwab (President, World Economic Forum)
John Le Carre, Danielle Steel, and Walter Cunningham (Astronaut, Apollo 7).

We thought we would post the message we sent (since we're sure you won't be in Uzbekistan any time soon):

Our Message of Peace

You seem confused.
Yes this is real. And yes, we are shocked too.

Deven & Joel
Comedians of Chelsea Lately
Los Angeles LGBT Centre Burbank Temporary Aid Centre
A huge honor to perform here and for such an important cause.
We raised a lot of money for BTAC as well as performed with Fritz Coleman.
Look And Listen
Voices Extra Film
Are you are a fan of The Howard Stern Show or Mancow In The Morning? Then you heard both Deven and Joel as call-in "guests" including: a dirty sex-ed teacher, a stripper that sells her babies for food, a paranoid living with leeches, a hostess of BPP parties, a guy that baked his wife into a pie to eat her and as a Scientology insider.
They vainly insert their own names into every film they do ADR (additional dialogue recording) for! Listen closely to the audio on Charlie Matthau's "Her Minor Thing," "Knight to F4," a World of Wonder project, a Wes Anderson project and many others.
Deven & Joel were the voices of Ann and Jim for the animated series "The Cubes" - MySpace TV's first animated series as well as on Tom Hanks' animated "Electric City."
The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd (#1 Comedy Podcast). Special guest voices.
“Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas!”
Recorded live: Bally’s Casino. Las Vegas, NV
If you live in Michigan, then you've probably heard our voices on the radio selling cars, insurance, credit union accounts, university enrollments and gym memberships

Watch videos of Deven & Joel together now:
Deven & Joel Video Clips

Be very afraid. Kindertrauma wanted Deven & Joel's scariest memories and they got it.

Dear friend Nelson Aspen (entertainment reporter) lovingly mentioned Deven and Joel in his book:
"Hollywood Insider Exposed!"

Are you in the L.A. loop? The Thrillist creates it. Deven & Joel are right in the middle: Thrillist

Deven starred as a love-lorn soap star and Joel as cupid in Taylor Negron's "Valentine Love Letters" theatrical play.Together they have written for FX's "Friday Night Fix" and the pilots "Ex-Pat" and "Time Flies."

If you were wondering, it is Joel behind the camera shooting all the "Betty Bowers" videos, and, he is voice of "Jesus"...
because he is just that good.

Celebrity guest foodies on EAT, TASTE, LIVE with Drew Doyle!

(Joel as Bradley DuBois, Deven as the hostess)

(Joel as Security, Deven as the Hotel Receptionist)

"Music Within"
(Joel as Sergeant Taylor, Deven on ADR)

"Life, Death & Mini-Golf" aka "The Circle"
(Joel as Skull, Deven as the Psychic)

"Back Soon"
(Joel as Dr. Kelso, Deven as Trixie the Crack Whore)

"Life On The Inside" (Joel as Eric, Deven as Olava)

"Suck and Moan"
(Joel as Mac, Deven as a News Reporter)

"Trash TV" (Joel as a porn user, Deven as the Hostess)

If you were forced to watch corporate training videos on ethics, sexual harassment etc. then you saw Deven & Joel show you exactly what not to do because of their extensive industrial video work.

Deven and Joel try to drop personal nods into each projects simply to amuse the other.
In "Anonymity," Joel played Detective Green.
In the same film, there is a post-it note behind the desk with "Call Deven" and her private cell phone number -
(don't look for it now, that scene was cut down and, thankfully, the number was removed).

In one of Deven's "SpyTV" episodes, she cries out "Joel, help!" on the operating table.
In "Matrimonium," Deven is the hostess but is obviously biased to Joel when she blurts out "here is the strikingly handsome Best Man,"
which is the only time she has a human comment that makes sense in the whole film!

We Want You

Deven & Joel
Yes, you can book us for a private show, a comedy club date, or a corporate event.
Or come see us live. Or you can go on a spending spree!

Check our calendar to see if we are free to come over: