Deven Green and Joel Bryant are an LA-based, award-winning comedy duo. Married in real life, this talented team also marries improv, sketch, music and the audience into each of their shows.
"You'll love Deven and Joel's extremely clever, absolute talent. 5 Stars. Best Act. [SF Weekly]

"Deven & Joel - A Comedy Duo" perform at major comedy clubs across North America.
Considered a "variety act," they bring the house down at traditional stand-up comedy clubs to classic theatre show venues.
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Flappers Comedy Club

Flappers Comedy Clubs (in both Claremont and Burbank) are the home club of headliners "Deven & Joel - A Comedy Duo."Please check our calendar for the next Los Angeles show date.

Flappers Comedy Club

If you saw our show and loved the club please feel free to tell others by mentioning it on Yelp. Our personal friends have opened this club and we want to make sure it stays around a long, long time!
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Flappers Claremont
flappers flyer
By Tennessee Loveless

Deven & Joel Comedy Review by Tennesse Loveless - 2010
(Walt Disney's Global Fine Arts Collection Group and pop culture artist who is color blind.

Wit and comedic timing doesn't even begin to explain their talent. I sat there crying laughing and shocked at the sheer skill of their improv ability.  It's something you rarely see everyday, that intense raw talent of being able to engage your audience while simultaneously being massively entertained with unending wit and comedy.
My favorite part of it all was their ability to play off of each other without even batting an eye.

Not only that, but their comedy wasn't intimidating whatsoever. Rather than be terrified of being picked on, people who were a part of it all,  were thrown into this insane ride of laughter and participation. It was an incredible and hilarious experience that is never the same mundane thing over again. Their 'act' (I don't even think that word justifies it) was a incredibly funny experience, and because of that improv'esque attribute to the show, you know that every time you come back, the ride will be as different and unique as the first time you watched it. If you have the chance to ever see Deven and Joel perform in your city, I suggest you drop everything that you are doing and see them at whatever cost. They are brilliant, talented, and incredibly witty and hilarious. I will be marked with that song 'Pulled Pork' for the rest of my life. Seriously Folks. I am singing it now.

Club Highlights
With the "Comedians of Chelsea Lately" for NO H8
With the Comedians of "Mad TV"
Chelsea Lately Show

Comedians of Mad TV

Comedy night of Canadian talent with the comedians of "MAD TV."

Monthly at the
Hollywood, CA

Will Sasso


Las Vegas
The Riviera Bally's Venetian
Performed with Dr. Scott Lewis - Comedy HypnotistRiviera Hotel
Performed at Coverville Live!
Performed Private Shows!
Venetian Hotel
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Bass Red Ale Comedy Tour
Bass Red Triangle Comedy Tour
Chicago City Live
Comedy Store
Mainstage Regulars
Los Angeles & La Jolla

San Francisco
Sold out shows
Knitting Factory
Ice House
Annex & Mainstage Regulars - Pasadena
Box Theatre
Sold Out Shows - Albuquerque
Headliners - Catalina Island
Atlanta, Georgia
Happy Mondays Inaugural Comedy Show
Ha Has
North Hollywood
Orange County
Special Guests - Orange County
Carlsbad Headliners - Carlsbad
Long Beach
Headliners - Long Beach
Comedy Jam Headliners - Temecula
Comedy Winners - Hollywood
Long Beach
Headliners - Long Beach

Headliners - Carlsbad
Rose Theatre
International Comedy Winners - North Hollywood
San Diego
Headliners - Long Beach
  Gay & Lesbian Ctr - Los Angeles
Special Guests - Hollywood
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Deven & Joel
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